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[JDrama] Yotsuba Jinja Ura Kagyo Shitsuren Hoken~Kokuraseya [Airing][Raw]
lady_darkness24 wrote in darksg00dies
Yotsuba Jinja Ura Kagyo Shitsuren Hoken ~ Kokuraseya

  • Title:失恋保険
  • Title (English): Shitsuren Hoken
  • Format: Renzoku
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: TBA
  • Viewership ratings: TBA
  • Broadcast network: NTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-April-07 - ?
  • Air time: Thursday 23:5

By day, Kazuki Ayumu (Shirota Yu), or ‘Luke’, is an associate professor of animal ecophysiology at a university, but by night, he becomes an investigator who conducts identity checks on clients with no confidence in love when they sign up for a hefty “heartbreak insurance” to buy assurance. He uses love psychology techniques to reveal the hearts of his members and assists them in determining the best timing to make a confession. “Heartbreak insurance” is a minimum of 1 million yen which is not refundable, and is insurance money 10 times the premium to soothe a member if he/she is dumped by the object of his/her affection after the confession or told to break up by the partner he/she is in a relationship with. Whether it is love at first sight or an unattainable, famous love interest, people can become a member as long as ‘Tracho’ (Furuta Arata) the effeminate chief priest of Yotsuba Shrine, which is responsible for the insurance, permits. Members are only subject to one condition, that is, to confess at the designated date and time.----Jdramas Wordpress

  • Shirota Yu as Kazuki Ayumu
  • Fukuda Saki as Maruyama Madoka
  • Furuta Arata as Tokura Eitaro

Episode 1 (Rating: 3.7%):
3 parts. Multi (Contains an MU link) links. 100MB each (Total 235MB).
Multi 1   Multi 2   Multi 3

Episode 2 (Rating: 3.3%):

3 parts. Multi (Contains an MU link) links. 100MB each (Total 221MB).
Multi 1   Multi 2   Multi 3

Episode 3 (Rating: 3.9%):
3 parts. Multi (Contains an MU link) links. 100MB each (Total 269MB).
Multi 1   Multi 2   Multi 3

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I wans't able to watch this on line (live)
So i was hoping someone to upload it!!!

Thanx for sharing!!..BTW...Using only for personal proposes!!!
won´t upload them anywhere!

Thanx again!

Thank you! Personal uses only.

Thank you! Taking!!!

Thank you for sharing ^^

really thanks. but the second ep you upload twice the third part (in multi 2 and multi 3)

thanks!! :D

wow just drop here
thx for upload it dear~^^
i've been searching this everywhere

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